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Slimy sales managers. The whole company's focus is on selling products that don't really serve consumers Add comment

I have lupus so I ended up in the hospital in the month of Oct.totaling about fourteen days I filed my claim afterwards and of course had to call and check on it numerous times to see what was going on did they need any paperwork and so on because this company never contacts you when they need anything. Well anyway on jan 4 they claimed they mailed a check out on jan21 I had them to put a stop... Read more

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A friend of ours happened. To be talking about insurance, and was telling us that they had bought a sickness. And accident policy. At a reasonable price and thought we might be interested in it also. So a couple days later after discussing we called the firm and they sent a salesman out, boy was he a sales man, he told us no matter what happened to us, either sickness or injury, we would receive... Read more

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There is and always has been a 12 month pre-existing condition clause in sickness coverages. All companies providing this type of coverage would have the same clause. It is your responsibility to read your policy. After all, you're paying for it. I'm certain the agent told you. You may have forgot. MOST do. Keep in mind, there was no medical exam, was there? Most companies require a medical exam... Read more

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I signed up for combined insurance at my credit union and went through the same as others, represenative selling you on all the "benefits and security" and i thought it was a good idea to sign up. Three months after signing up i had a mild heart attack was in the hostpital for a week and then was told i couldnt go back to work for about 60 days by my doctor. So i call myself filing a claim and... Read more

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My son had a family plan but his fiancee was on his plan as a beneficiary and we assumed when they got married two months later she would be automatically covered and was not the case and her claim was denied. Add comment

Do not waste your money with Combined. They get your money and do not pay the claims. I wasted 8 months paying on policies to have them not pay. Read more

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The sickness and accident insurance I purchased ten years ago was the best move I ever made. Combined paid all my claims in and out of the hospital in a timely manner. I would be living in a homeless shelter if I hadn't of met a Combined agent at my place of employment. Thank you Combined insurance for saving my dignity during my lengthy recovery. Shawn Pangburn, Rochester, NY Add comment

I am appalled that they have insurance agents trolling this site and giving untrue information. I work for Combined, and know for a fact that agents give erroneous information to the clients. Then, when the client files a claim, it is denied because the client shouldn't have had the policy in the first place. If the agents did a better job in the first place, a lot of these issues could have... Read more

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Yes filed a claim in October still have not received anything???? Add comment

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