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i have been working with Todd Geller for 15 years not only has the service changed but the lies on top of it.Todd Geller was the best manager ever now people that are non professional come.The agents lie thatTodd Geller does not work for company which is a lie. If Todd Geller does not have my account I will cancel my 1200dollar premium. I would like Todd Geller to service us. A *** by the name of Charlie shows up. Another time a girl by the name... Read more

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I have been dealing with combined insurance for almost 5 months now and they have come up with every excuse in the book and more not to pay on my claim I have been lied to on several accasion I would not purchase a policy from them unless you like being harassed they have made my life very mad,pissed off,sleepless nights,wondering how I pay my bills I had the same injury on my right knee that claim was paid this one is the same and they won't... Read more

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I had surgery on 6/20/2016 and been out of work. I have sent all documents requested right away and every time they tell me to there is a wait of 10 days for the adjuster to take a look at it and then they come up with a new request. It is unbelievable! I do not recommend them. I feel like they do not want to pay me the benefits. I had surgery on 6/20/2016 and been out of work. I have sent all documents requested right away and every time they... Read more

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Combine refuse payment despite how many times I fax forms ey requested. Everything tym I call, it's a different story either I haven't faxed the form or re-fax it. I think it's a game with combined not to pay people. Their employees are well trained to be thieves. It amazes me dat when ever I call concerning my Cliam , I get a different answer even though ey all use e same system. At times, I hv to remind dem how many copies I faxed n which page... Read more

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I filed a claim with combined over 6 months ago and haven't been paid yet they keep asking for info from my doctor and or me it's frustrating when you take out a supplemental income policy and they collect your premiums every month and try everything to not pay your claim I'm pussed and will be taking my claim to my attorney and filing a suite against combined they have mishandled my claim from the start I have called them and sometimes they... Read more

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Purchased their accident and sickness policy and submitted 8 different claims from taking kids to the er in the course of a year and they only paid 2 claims. They were more then happy to take my money but refused to pay the er visit claim. Once you purchase policies from them they won't stop harassing you. I still receive calls from agents wanting to review my coverage. I've canceled all of my policies. They don't tell you all of the exclusions... Read more

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I can not believe combined insurance took money from my account after I called them a week or 2 ago and expressed to the rep I wanted this policy cancel due to never being paid and i was out from work since 3-14-16, til present, *** no they still taking payments from acct and im not getting nothing. Beware of this company shady pratices I also informed MCU I want to make a complaint with them being I was introduced to combined insurance at their... Read more

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I dislocated my left ankle in my driveway and couldn't work for 2 weeks. I called the agent to find out how to file a claim. After contacting the 3rd agent, (2 had already quit the company since 2007) He told me that they didn't cover sprained ankles. I told him it wasn't sprained, it was dislocated and the ligaments were torn and had internal bleeding and might still need surgery. He said I had better get the surgery before 90 days or it... Read more

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I have been with combine for 10yr. I had an Accident in was out of the work for 5 days. They paid me $150. What a joke. The worse company ever

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I was off twice for surgery. They sent me 3 letters asking for the exact same things i already sent in. Theu had until the 9th to make a decision and on the 9th said they needed a list of the all the drs ive seen in the last 2 yrs, keep in mind it had been 8 months since my last claim and i sent that then. The first time it took 3 months to get my money and this time it's been 10 weeks since my initial claim and not a dime. *** it still says pe... Read more

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