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I've had combined ins. since 1987 (still have that policy and more).

I filed a claim under accident policy (I have four policies). The chiropractor filled out their part and I sent it in (I haven't had a claim in at least 3 years). Now they want me to sign a full medical disclosure. That's not so much the problem as the wording in the disclosure.

It states that there's nom guarantee that the info won't be redisclosed and that my info is not pertected by the federal confidentiality laws. It also says that the form is not conditioned on payment of the claim. Well they can kiss my a_ _. They can keep there insurance!

I wouldn't buy anything from them. I called on this, yet no one could help me but my claim rep. and he's not there today (a Wednesday). Why do I need to submit all my medical info?

there's no reason they need this.

It was a simple accident and I was off from work (self-employed carpenter) about a week. I was told by 3 agents that the two policies I have from 1987 & 1989 that combined would like me to cancel as it costs combined a lot of money for these two policies.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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