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They are taking forever to pay this claim. They have the information they need.

Why are they making me jump through hoops. They don’t care about there customers. I am wondering why I got this coverage if they aren’t going to pay their claims. Seems like they come up with an excuse for everything.

Don’t they realize that they need the customers to stay in business? And to require at least a hundred words is also a bit much. You want us to be brief with our complaints. Well pay the claims they promise.

The salesman tells you one thing and they company does another. There is no excuse for why the delay the claims. I have done nothing wrong. I just had surgery and they are making it worse.

Hey also send you a letter. They don’t have the courage to face you or contact you. The people who handle the claims should be calling and talking to us not customer service which is a joke.

Don’t they relay the messages to the people. Often wonder why I went with combined instead of someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Disability claim is still pending after 65 days of filing. The Hospital sent my medical records 2 weeks ago. Not sure what the hold up is.


If the hospital sent your record 2 weeks ago that would explain your hold up.... Proof of injury is needed for an insurance company to pay its claim.