Amsterdam, New York
Not resolved

Had to file a few claims in the past year. Each time it became more difficult and longer for them to pay.

This time the claim was processed in two days saying check sent. It took 1 week for the check to arrive which is ridiculous i believe they held the check before they actually mailed it. So i deposit the check and my bank has a 9 business day hold on it saying they are still trying to get money from issuing bank thats the reasoning. My bank says it confidential why the check is on hold.

I'm hoping combined isn't purposely witholding payout of this check. In my opinion I think they are being malicious ever since they had to pay out lately. Mind you I've had the policies for years. They are horrible when you submit documents online they claim it's not there .

Customer service told me to submit claim online and then fax the application. Thats' redundant why have online claims then?

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