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the Accident Protector pays $50/year for a health screening which includes colonoscopy. The policy only costs $182/year so if that yearly benefit is used then it only costs $11/month ($132/year) which is ridiculously cheap.

The Accident & Sickness protector (a completely separate policy) pays $1,000 for outpatient surgery for sickness or injury.

Thats what the current A&S policy pays. This complainant may have an older policy that pays $2,000 / sickness outpatient surgery. Either way, it only pays if a polyp is removed. Otherwise you only get the $50.

Be grateful you didnt have polyps. If you dont understand what your policies pay for then call your agent or their manager to stop by and review your benefits.

Annoying as it is, that's one reason agents call active clients every year, to remind them what they have. Of course agents use that as a pretext to present policies you dont have.

The real problem with Combined is their sales methodology which causes an incredibly high turnover in agents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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