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I have always been skeptical about buying these so-call insurance that pays benefits if you are disabled. I think we buy these insurance because of fear that it is good just incase one gets sick so we buy into it.

The problem with this company is they give you the run around once you file a claim. the agents go around and give this glowing representation of the company but what i am experiencing with them at this point is that they only interest in collecting your premium with no problem but as soon as a claim go through then expect to get the run around. i was in the hospital for about 3 days in may 10 to 13 and it is now almost the end of july and after submitting my discharge hospital paper they continue to give me the run around. they told me they need record from my primary care ,from the hospital and from the follow up out patient doctor.each time i contact combine they claim they cannot get through to any of them.

each person you talk to give you a different answer.

after you file your claim you may call and get the agent one or two times after that is like they hide from you. the bad thing about it i had them before and filed a claim and never get paid but when i talk this current agent she gave me some convincing excuse why i was not paid so i signed back up and now the result is the same.

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I have the same problem. I am a police officer and was trying to restrain someone on LSD.

Just went back to work after two surgery’s and a fractured foot. The doctor and my employer signed all the proper paperwork , now they want more medical records. They sent me a check for 1080. 600 x 8 months is .....

hmmm 4800. Plus 300 for 1st month.

So glad I have this insurance so I can get screwed. Last time I was injured they paid me right away no questions asked.

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