New York, New York

Liars, thieves and scammers!!!!

They make people sign up under false pretense. I filed for disability and after three months of getting the runaround, they continued to stall by asking for my medical records.

They found that I had heart palpitations a few years ago during a pregnancy. Not a condition I suffer with, but because of the position of the baby, it was causing me to have heart palpitation. It resolved as soon as I gave birth. Therefore, because of this, they decided not only not to pay me, but to cancel my disability insurance altogether.

If I didn't file for a disability claim, they would have continued to take my money from me for my premiums and would never ask for my medical records but since they had to pay out, they decided to dig and find an excuse not to pay.

The biggest thieves I have ever had to deal with. People cancel your policies and run!

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Disability Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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awesome company , make sure you buy the right type of insurance


They ask you if you have had any heart condition within the past 5 years . you should have told them the truth !