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Purchased their accident and sickness policy and submitted 8 different claims from taking kids to the er in the course of a year and they only paid 2 claims.They were more then happy to take my money but refused to pay the er visit claim. Once you purchase policies from them they won't stop harassing you. I still receive calls from agents wanting to review my coverage. I've canceled all of my policies.They don't tell you all of the exclusions...
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Not kidding. We have been with Combined for a number of private policies for years (multiple members of my family), and at one time, recommended them to friends regularly. However, now the company goes out of its way to deny payment, using any means possible. It takes months to get paid, with lots of extra paperwork and workaround. The state takes no action, and the BBB means nothing other than a blip on the radar screen. Once vested in...
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I have paid on 2 policies for 11 years, almost 3 months since I filled the claim, Combined says they need more info, they say they have tried twice sending request to 2 Doctors and the Hospital with no reply, after I contacted the 2 Doctors and Hospital they say they haven't received anything from them. They said they would fax them, I gave them the fax numbers, never happened, My payment has been coming out electronically from my bank for 11...
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  • So far my experience has made me think i made a big mistake