After being a customer of combined for over six years, I wanted to cancel my policy, I did not feel I needed it anymore. I made many attempts to contact the company and cancel my policy. I left voice-mails and sent an email via their website. No one ever called me back.

Finally a few months down the line (I am busy and didn't have time to call constantly), I reached someone and was able to cancel my policy. But now they refuse to refund my money for the months prior that they did not return my calls. They say they have no record that the calls were ever made. They told me to send them a phone bill. Well they tell you that knowing you need a subpoena to obtain toll free calls (1800 #s) made from your home line. Well I happen to have a record of one call made from my cell and have sent it to them.

They are dishonest, disrespectful, and right down greedy. I am sad to say I was a customer for six years.


Still have not gotten my refund

(Ryan White)

Chester, CA

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I don't know what it is about this Company.I have tried to cancel my insurance with you.

For some reason you still take money out of my account. I dont want your insurance. You people are rude and forceful. Im a disabled veteran who got the run around by your company.

I don't want a phone call explaining what I have. I told someone before I wanted to cancel everything! Look up the messages and find that 27th July. I will take this message and complaint to my Congressman if my account is not cleared off your system.

I want my money back from my last payment. If someone calls me I will consider that a harassment act. I will than proceed with a Law suit. I will bury this company.

My insurance guy lied to me about what my payments were.

I call but get hung up on @ the 800 #.Why do you make it impossible to talk to someone.

I dont want any insurance claims in these Names Christy, Shannon, Bryce, and Ellyson Baglia.


my husband broke his foot back in july/10 we got the forms filed and got a phone call in late september saying it was declined, combined has all the records thati do, they said it do not say fracture but yet i am looking at it. even the hospital said they aint got a clue!

as soon as i straightne this out im cancelling and going with someother company


I find it really funny that you are actually sticking up for this vile, greedy company.You must work there!

By the way I only ever saw a rep once in the 6 years that I also was a policy holder with Combined, and that was when I signed up. No one ever visited my home "every 6 months." as you say that they are supposed to.

Also the agent was not honest with me and the terms of the insurance, this left my family extremly vulnerable when we thought that we were being protected.Also Combined has very poor customer service.


Somthing you might want to know is that you dont need a subpeona to access your own phone records.your phone company just doesnt want to do the work.

it is not the easiest prosses. Call them up and keep asking for a supervisor. they can acess all your local calls (800 show up as local) they can usually go back a year. somtimes only six months depending on the state.

they may need to get you in contact with the legal dept.

but it can be done they are your records and you have the right to them.the only thing you need a supeona for is to acces the record of who called you.


The policies of Combined Insurance have a 30 free look period.It is stated on all their policies clearly and explained by every agent i have spoke with.If you did try to cancell your policy,not saying you didn't.when the rep came by every 6 mo or so you should have told them.also,you should have gotten a number of the agent and contacted them instead of their home office.

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