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This is a horrible company. I trusted one of their district managers with my account information who said it was to determine my financial viability.

Instead, it was used to withdraw money from my account even before I had decided whether or not I wanted the life insurance policy he offered me.

Shame on me for being so gullible. I only trusted him because I had a term policy from years back, with Combined, that was shortly coming to the end of the term. I did not suspect such an underhanded move. This kind of unprincipled duplicity is allowed to exist in this company.

I eventually got my money back, but only after I had contacted the Better Business Bureau and the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance.

The Better Business Bureau was helpful but the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance conducted an investigation that, to all intents and purposes, merely consisted of questioning the manager and the two interns he had with him. I actually have an email from one of them apologizing for my experience and stating that she’s reported things that she’s seen and methods of this district manager that she was uncomfortable with, to say the least.

Of course, there was no action taken. It was his word against mine and the other two were merely protecting his job. I was so angry that I even canceled the original policy before it even expired. I wouldn’t give this outfit another penny and anyone who decides that they’re worth looking into should beware.

Look at the reviews. It is apparent that integrity is not part of their company policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Life Insurance.

Combined Insurance Pros: Never having to deal with them.

Combined Insurance Cons: Being stolen from, Sneaky and duplicitous behavior.

  • Con Artist District Managers
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