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After paying my premiums for over a year with the company, I find myself in a position to file a claim. The very next week such claim, I received a letter in the mail stating premiums were increased by $320.

Was told that I could cancel the policy and not pay the higher amount which meant that I would also not be eligible to collect on the injury claim. Not a very honest company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Disability Insurance.

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I think there is a bit of confusion here. Whenever you cancel a policy with Combined they automatically send a bill by mail just in case you change your mind or want to reinstate.

You have 45 days to reinstate and the coverage go back to the day you cancelled. Usually they statement they send out is for 3 months it 6 months.

Most of their policy never have rate increases for any reasons and every policy never increases because of a claim. I would recommend that you call a customer service representative and get an explanation of the bill


company is a scam


Combined Insurance is a horrible company. Nothing but problems.

Do not deal with this co. Combined Insurance is nothing but a scam. Customer service is terrible. I was not informed by agent that there was a family plan.

In fact they lied and said it was only for new people.

Nothing but money hungry scavengers. Pigs


I got the same letter. Premiums from $124 a month increased to $373.

That's insane. Do not get combined insurance. There are better insurance companies out there. How can you increase a premium to 200% lol........

I sure hope this company goes out of business and I will not recommend this company to anyone.