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I have been a customer for over 20 years paying probably about $30K to Combined over that time. I had one good experience the year after I first signed up after suffering an accident.

They paid then promptly. However, fastforward to mid-Dec 2016 when I had knee surgery. I went through so many ridiculous hoops to get the paperwork to them through family doctor, surgeon, only to never hear from Combined. I called several times over a 2 month period to ask when the claim would be paid.

The first call I made resulted in a very rude rep saying "you sent the wrong form!" I called my agent to complain. She finally met with me 2 weeks later. Once again sent in paperwork. Had to call a 2nd time to get them to finally send a chq.

At no time did I receive any letter from them in mail or email informing me of status or issue with said paperwork. My faith in them has dwindled. When on phone with the rep there was no way to talk to an Adjuster or a Manager! Felt like I was talking to Bell Canada or Rogers.

Headache inducing. To top it off, last Oct. 2016 the agent came to my home saying we needed to upgrade an old 'outdated' policy. I had to pay $60 to cancel said old policy and start a new 'updated better' version according to her "to save me money".

Last week her underling contacted me saying another of my policies needed 'updating' asking for another $60 chq to do so "to save me money". I now wish to cancel all 4 policies that I have with them!!!!!

Noone should have to PAY FOR A DISCOUNT !!! if you are wondering why I would 'upgrade' twice in less than 6months it was because I was told if no claim put through I will be reimbursed for entire policy in 10 or 15yrs....but guess what I do not, have never, will never see a statement indicating the real value of said promised reimbursement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Claim.

Reason of review: Poor Customer Service / Loopholes.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Combined Insurance Cons: Makes me sick to my stomach how much i have spent, Misrepresentation of product and vague definitions in policy, Customer service, No statements sent to track reimbursement if zero claims filed.

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