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My Bother in-law pasted away a couple of years ago and he had Life insurance and then he died of a massive stroke leave his wife and two children at home. the combine insurance told my sister to bad ,your husband had accidental insurance not life.why the *** would anyone get accidental insurance for .

Donny kane wanted to take care of his family but the combine insurance took care of them self and the guy who did this should get his *** trouble .

Donny been gone for over 6 years and my sister could have use the money to help pay off her house .but now she has to sell. and I want to thank the guy that lied threw his teeth .thank you very much from the Kane Family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Life Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Bill Rattigan, your point (if you had one) could have been made without writing such a nasty and insulting response. Totally uncalled for!


That's funny - your "BOTHER-in-law". Bothered you often did he?

Anyway, obviously they didn't read their policy documents and they aren't very bright (which seems to be the demographic that combined generally sells to, The not very bright). Your typical accident policy has a provision that if you die in an accident, a benefit might be paid.

A stroke or a heart attack is not an accident. It's a sickness.

@Bill Rattigan

Holy *** Do you by chance work for Combined Insurance? Because with a response like that I will pull my whole companies policies from Combined!!