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They lie a lot in order to get agents to work with them. And at the end they do not stick with the contract.

They always look for the way not to give you the bonuses etc.

Also a lot of dishonest agents that push their insurance along with the Obamacare. Telling people lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That's been my experience WORKING FOR THEM. I don't like that.

I'm an honest, caring person. I honestly want to do what's best for my people. I plan to be there for them for YEARS, not just for the sale. They've tried to teach me how to force my way in and be consistent in forcing this on people.

I just CANNOT do that! These people are my neighbors and from my hometown! I WANT to take care of them. I love them.

All in all, it's about numbers, not people. Get that goal! Don't worry about the people involved. It's a game for them.

Whoever that can make the most money wins. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my conscience really bothers me . I can no longer do this.

They've basically deserted me because I do have a conscience. At least Family Heritage praises people for protecting families, not "how much did you make for the company?"