Moorhead, Minnesota
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There a *** company. They jerked me around for over 2 months on a claim, and still never paid on one of my policies (I had 4).

The last excuse was they needed the itemized bills from the doctor. Here's how process went. 1) sent in claim with the doctors part filled to. 2)After 3 weeks get letter stating their reviewing claim.

3)3 more weeks go by, and I call them. They have the claim, but have lost all paperwork going from one dept. to another. (4.

I resend copy of original paperwork. 5) They respond 2 weeks later with a form to fill out (it's a FULL medical disclosure form. 6) I call adjuster and refuse to send form, he states he just needs doctors report. I tell him to call doctor for it (I'm not playing middle man).7) I call adjuster, he states that he hasn't gotten anything from doctor yet.

I call doctor and am told that they never received any request for info. I call adjuster back and demand that he calls doctor NOW, and that I will follow up with doctor on this in 3 hours. 8) I call doctor and everything is taken care of. 9) 2 weeks later I get check in the mail and they have ONLY paid on one of the policies with a letter stating that he now needs my itemized bills from doctor.

I call combined and a service rep. looks into notes on claim and tells me that they should of paid on another one of the policies-go figure. She's asks me if I want to send adjuster a note (as he isn't available) to call me on this. I said-what's the point, he only returns 1% of his calls as it is.

My last statement to her was; I will file a complaint with the attorney generals office of the St. of Minn. have a nice day.10) Next day, I cancel all my policies with combined except the cancer policy (which in 10 yrs.

I will get full refund on unless I have a cancer claim. GOOD BUY to this piece of *** company that I have been with since 1987.

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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