I am getting very sick and tired of Combined Ins.taking their money out of my bank account at odd times!

I have asked repeatedly that it not be removed until the twenty eight day of the month!! Just today I checked my account and found that they took it out today! Totally screwed up my checking acct. and I got charged two twenty-eight dollars apiece for them!

I am one pissed off woman and somebody better fix the problem there or they will lose my business forever!!!

I would appreciate a responce to this letter asap,please!

Sincerely,Christina Wirchak

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If you need to cancel a policy with combined insurance, you need to put something in writing. State your policy number and name with your request to cancel. Fax or post it to their head office in Sydney.


Call the agent?What freaking agent?

Their turn over is over 100%. Besides, a person should have access to a customer service toll free number answered 24/7. When I sold none of the policies had a phone number of ANY sort on the policy, materials. I had people ask for my personal phone number just so they'd have someone to call.

I gave them a corporate number (that I had) but it wasn't toll free.Disgraceful company!


I had a sales man arrive at my door about a year ago I got forced into signing up for combined insurance. I looked at my banks statements getting ready to do my tax and they have taken about $1500 last year they where taking around $100 a month and when I was sick they wouldn't let me claim anything! My advice is STAY away from combined insurance please!!


I work for combined ins. And as you can read on the documents your advisor gave you before they left your appointment. Each monthly/6 monthly/ 12 monthly/ comes out on the >>> 26th !! of each month. It does not matter if u request. This goes for ALL customers ! This is the date . And you agreed by signing.

If people are not happy with what they but. Then stop wihning and buy something else. We do our job very well.

Thannks :) Repping for Combined Insurance Australia, The Greatest Division




My name too, Christina, and they take $9.50 out of my account monthly and twice I've tried to stop this transaction through my bank and the last time I called Combine, they claimed they didn't have record of my account. Now that I see there are other people dealing with the same thing, something needs to be done.


I have been trying to cancel my policy no one returns calls and twice I have gone to their offices just to find the door locked and no one there in the day time during office hours.


It took me 10 phone calls and hours of time wasted in order to close my policy.

Now 8 months later,they are still stealing $8.00 a month from my bank account.

My bank said that they can't stop the auto-pay,and I have to go thru them in order to stop it .I have not have any luck so far.They keep telling me that they put a stop to it and a month later they steal another $8.

My only option now is to close my bank account.

These guys are bunch of crooks and thieves.


Hey Christina,

Hello I know you're pissed about this but have ever thought about calling the agent who service you on this policy. Maybe he or she can help you in this situation and to get to your problem quickly. Also they have advantage to get to the corporate office immediately.

Best Regards

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