My son got a check for $4200 when he broke his ankle getting out of the truck at grad. He had been invited to five junior hockey summer camps and had to decline.

He was well compensated even though he didn't even stay in the hospital! The claims process was very easy the people were very empathetic and even though the ;money didn't change what happened it certainly will help his educational future since he may never be able to play hockey again. i would recommend this company and its accident coverage to EVERYONE...especially if you have active kids!!

I am going to get their sickness coverage now that I know how they treat their customers when something bad happens. __ ___ __ _ __ __ __ _ -__ __ __ __ __ _ __ __

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Claim.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I have had so much trouble with combine insurance they pay a small claims but when you have a big one they will try everything not to pay you where can I get legal action I had rotator cuff surgery sent in the paper work now when I had the first surgery I didn't have to get a physician to file out any paperwork I just accidentally claim not short term and my paperwork explained what the surgeon did sick of them


I am a proud agent who contracts to Combined. I am proud to sell their products and, my spouse and I also have this protection because, like you, I know it pays.

Thank you and, I am so thankful that we were able to help you when you truly needed it