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I agreed to let a district manager take my personal financial information, namely, my checking account info, in order to determine whether or not I was acceptable for a whole life insurance policy. I was told that it was necessary for the company to check me out to make sure I was a viable candidate.

I was verbally assured that it was only to assess my financial creditworthiness and that it would be up to me to decide whether or not I wanted the policy after that was done. After speaking with my wife (the intended beneficiary) I decided that I wanted to pass on the offer. When I was contacted, as scheduled, by the original agent, I said I decided against the policy. Unfortunately, and against the assurances made to me, allegedly in good faith, I was told that the policy was already in place.

This company is populated by snakes. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Combined Insurance Life Insurance.

Reason of review: underhanded sales tactics.

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That story smells like last weeks garbage. Nobody ever ran my credit score ; all they wanted was a check to get it started.

They were looking for some way to justify (in their minds) screwing you over.

If you didn't sign the actual policy, there is no way they can force that upon you. Applying is not the same as accepting from your side.