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I am self employed and my husband was actually the one that was originally sought out by Jason Bennell. This company only cares about their sales and will tell you anything and everything that you want and need to hear to get the sale.

He literally lied to us the entire time so we all purchased policies. Be very careful on what you purchase and make sure that you look into whatever you are purchasing with a fine tooth comb prior to purchasing because they only care about making that sale. As soon as we canceled he came back telling us that we should get the policy back just so his bosses would get off his back, seriously I only care what is going to benefit me not if somebodies boss is all over them because 3 people canceled their policies so they lost 6 policies because of their lies and scams they had going on. The reason it is 6 policies is because we had purchased different types of policies each I really hope this helps someone.

To make this even worse we were told that he was higher up in the company right after he had made his sales to us so that made me even more angry because I felt as if he did it just to be promoted!!!!!! When I called to speak to the company they would tell me that they would help me then they would say oh let me put you on hold and see what I can do, then turn and say oh you will actually have to write a letter informing us what happened with the policy numbers and how you were lied to and exactly what happened, and didn't you get the policy explaining everything to you!.

Yes we did but regardless we still had to pay prior to the policy being sent they take it directly out of your account. They also stated I had 45 days to reinstate if I decided I wanted it back and just to see I called Aug 4th which is the day it was supposed to be canceled out and they said this policy was no longer active and there is nothing that can be done with it any longer!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: I feel like the three of us should receive 75% of our money back ragarding the fact that we did sign up for the services but we were also lied to in order to get these services and 2 of us had contacted about using services out of the three and couldnt.

Combined Insurance Cons: Bad customer service, Are bothersome and ungenuine, Constant excuses, Uneducated reps that only care about sales.

  • bad service
  • horrible Experince
  • Constant Excuses
  • Uneducated Reps
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