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Had (past tense) a policy for my family covering illness for about a year. Our 8yr old Daughter went to hospital emergency (covered?) as directed by the doctor, thinking she might have appendicitis due to symptoms but he lacked facilities to do proper tests.

Emergency care was excellent. She was certainly dehydrated and for 4 hours, nurses cared for, and observed while also trying to get a needle into her arm for taking blood and administering fluids. She was sent up to hospital for ultrasound to confirm no problems with appendices or kidney, etc. Eventually she was admitted to hospital (covered?) for an overnight stay and observation.

She was released the next day (covered?). Total hospital cost was nearly $15k, our portion, post regular policy was nearly $2,000. Made a claim because of the above mentioned and questionable coverages. Their payout to us: $25 bucks.

Yep only decimal points, not zeros to the right of the 5. That wouldn't even cover the cost of a cafeteria meal! I did call and question them but essentially there are far too many caveats to the policy. What constitutes admittance, and stays, and riders, requires an attorney or professional claims administrator to decipher what is advertised as a simple, straight-forward easy to understand supplemental policy.

IE you have costs, we help pay--NOT! Its one of those things where you will not likely be able to decipher policy unless you are in the industry.

Do your research, and do not trust the agent to lay it out for you.

Ours was an old, personal acquaintance of mine.

Review about: Combined Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Don't blame your agent. Friend or no friend ,he did not know. Don't blame the agent.

to Nashville #975775

He is suppose to know that is his job. He sold her an accident policy with no hospitalization.

Probably because she wanted to stay in budget. Put the blame where it belongs he should have explained the policy she got with or without the riders.

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