Filed a claim for an accident in July, 2010 for accident, Combined would not pay, don't know why, since I have accident policy with them. Luckily I have another policy that DID pay and was able to pay hospital.

I will cancel all policies with Combined ASAP. They do NOT live up to their "we help customers" logo! Crappy outfit, I will spread the word to everyone I know. Please don't waste your money buying these policies they are not worth your time or effort.

Seems all they want is your money, and not your satisfaction. Nice agent, hope they can find another job better than this one.

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insurance85- just b/c a policy is legal & binding doesn't mean they can't won't drag out paying you! They will deny, then ask for more paperwork, then say they didn't get it, etc.

This company is an old style arm twisting door to door type. Agents get frustrated at the way the customers are treated (that is if the agent(s) has a heart and quit.




did you review your policy when you got it? chances are whatever your policy was didn't cover it so that's why they didn't pay, because by law once an insurance company accepts you as a client your policy is a legally binding contract that says they have to pay for a coveredincident

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